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CALL FOR PRICE18 kt White Gold Diamond Earring5.80 Grams50 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.45 cts 2 Round Diamonds Totaling 6.07 cts..
CALL FOR PRICEPlatinum Diamond Earring 5.30 Grams144 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.53 cts2 Fancy Light Yellow Emerald Cut Diamonds Totaling 2.96 cts..
CALL FOR PRICE18 kt White Gold Diamond Earring 7.80 Grams2 Pear Shape Diamonds Totaling 3.62 cts FSI12 Marquise Diamonds Totaling 0.20 cts 2..
CALL FOR PRICEG.I.A Certified Platinum Heart Shaped Diamond Earring 7.80 Grams 58 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.82 cts2 Heart Shaped Diamonds Totalin..
CALL FOR PRICE18 kt White Gold Diamond Earring16.90 Grams386 Round Diamonds Totaling 2.36 cts2 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.30 cts2 Pear Shaped Diamonds ..
CALL FOR PRICEPlatinum Diamond Earring7.10 Grams1.62 ctsKite Shaped Diamond Totaling 0.84 cts Bullet Shaped Diamond Totaling 1.24 ctsPentagon Sha..
CALL FOR PRICE18 kt White Gold With White, Yellow And Pink Diamond Earring5.5 Grams40 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.82 cts40 Pink Round Diamonds Totaling ..
CALL FOR PRICE18 ky Yellow Gold Yellow Diamond Earring44 Fancy Yellow Round Diamonds Totaling 0.34 cts2 Fancy Radiant Cut Diamonds Totaling 2.60 cts..
CALL FOR PRICEG.I.A Certified18 kt White Gold Pink Diamond Earring6.3 Grams40 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.70 cts 40 Pink Round Diamonds Totaling 0...
CALL FOR PRICEG.I.A Certified 18 kt White Gold Pear Shaped Diamond Earring10.5 Grams80 Round Diamonds Totaling 1.27 cts 2 Round Diamonds Tot..
CALL FOR PRICEG.I.A Certified Platinum Diamond Earring 5.3 Grams2 Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Shaped Diamonds Totaling 5.12 cts SI22 Pear Shaped Diamond..
CALL FOR PRICEPlatinum Diamond Earring 5.40 Grams60 Round Diamonds Totaling 0.60 cts 2 Cushion Cut Diamonds 3.16 cts ISI114 kt White Gold Lever B..
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